Walt Disney World: Special Offers and Resorts Commerce Flow

Outcome: Increase in conversions and lift in guest satisfaction

The rate carousel enables guests to easily compare all their options in one place.

My dog Calvin helps me figure out some customer flows.

2-day working session with product managers and team members to identify options that meet business requirements and provide a great user experience.

In a previous version of the commerce flow for Walt Disney World, there was a backend system limitation which meant that customers went through separate flows for standard prices and special offers. They were never able to see all their room rate options together. Additionally, there are complicated business rules regarding how prices must be displayed for different rate types, which left guests unable to easily compare offers. Together, these factors put a burden on the customer to do a great deal of research just to understand their initial set of options.

The goal of this redesign was to make it easy for guests to shop and compare resorts and room rates (and ultimately make a decision about their vacation) by providing all the information they need in one place.

I went through a number of design iterations, always approaching the problem from the guest’s perspective and what they would find most useful. My work entailed redesigning key pages in the commerce flow (working closely with the visual designer), as well as determining the best framework/flow, in order to fit the guest’s mental model. The team conducted two rounds of user testing with clickable prototypes I made in Axure. We eventually zoned in on a design that I dubbed “Sushi Boat” for its carousel of room rates that the customer can easy browse, compare and select.

After launching in 2013, the changes to the commerce flow resulted in a 14% increase in conversions, increased revenue, and significant lifts in guest satisfaction scores.

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